Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photo Shoot Coming Up

This Friday, is the first ever Mrs B's Accessories Photo Shoot. Ashley Shelangoski, of fLASH Photography, is teaming up with me to capture some beautiful children wearing my clothes.

After getting rained out last Tuesday, we are getting very anxious to do this. My wonderful mommies and kids have been very gracious and understanding with the schedule changes. I am praying very hard that God will bless us with beautiful sunny weather on Friday morning.

I found my location, and I know that it will prove to be an AMAZING backdrop for our shots. I am going for a modern, urban look so we are using the backside of a building off of Commercial street. It has several different colors of bricks, a framed ledge, an alley, and even an old metal fire escape staircase. I am beyond excited about this spot.

So here is a mental snapshot of what this morning is going to look like.

25+ kids ranging from ages birth to 6
15 + mommies
3 daddies
4 grandparents
1 photographer
1 Mrs B
and 7 assistants

Did I mention how EXCITED I am for this!?!?!?

Well I am!!! I am beyond excited!

I will be sure to give an update on how it went and for sure again when the pictures are ready to veiw.