Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Haven

So, many people have asked me where I work. I tell them "In my little studio/office". Very vague, I know. I decided I should post some pictures about my space here.

In our house we have a full, unfinished basement that possesses all the creepy features of most basements. A cold cluttered room that is the bottomless pit of laundry (the job I loathe most). But inside this dungeon is a separate room that is my haven. I love my room, but it became messy and I became so busy that I started just tossing things aside, or making small little piles that soon became out of control.

I started to not want to go down there and I slowly, so my husband didn't notice (yah right), started moving a few things up to the kitchen to work. It started with the sewing machine and the fabric and tools I needed to work on a particular project and within a week I had my "office #2" up and running. BTW, my husband did notice, and daily asked when I would be done. He asked me to call in reinforcements.

This is where my best friend, Tara, comes into play. We finally nailed down a date and she came over one evening to help get my office and my back side in gear.

Let me tell you that the results are AWESOME! It's not done, but it is once again my haven. I LOVE MY STUDIO!

So, for all of you that have asked or secretly wondered where your creations are created, check out these pics of before and after.

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